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ZigVoice is a technological breakthrough for Call Centers providing business process solutions tailored to their current needs.

Offering the most advanced real-time call center systems, our cutting-edge software, first-rate support, and commitment to the BPO industry, ZigVoice ensures that call centers operate as efficiently as possible.

ZigVoice provides advanced technological software tools for call centers and currently holds a leading position in the market due to our success in the Contact Center industry for over 25 years.


Offering you SCADA software for industrial process control, industries may efficiently and effectively manage, benchmark, and monitor industrial operations by employing SystemView. We initially assisted in water, wastewater, and electrical distribution industries and, over time, have expanded to provide support as a multi-industrial software solution.

Our foremost priority is ensuring that your factory and industry continue to operate smoothly using SystemView. We provide business operations analysis and integration services for all control products and systems.

SystemView comprehends the needs of our clients’ thanks to our technical proficiency and comprehensive process understanding.


When it comes to unmanned aerial vehicle software and hardware, the ZenaDrone 1000 has it all. Its features allow for the effective automation and performance of activities, reducing workforce and operational expenses, eliminating hazards for field personnel, and completing downtime tasks for workers to execute.

With its innovative technological design, ZenaDrone 1000 is a device that provides various aerial surveillance benefits in multi-industries. It is an intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (AUV) that boosts industrial operations and seamless data gathering by incorporating machine learning software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

Pace +

PACE+ provides complete medical and clinical information about a patient, an EHR system, and a practice management service hosted in the cloud, designed specifically for mental health professionals. It consists of up-to-date, patient-focused digital records readily available to authorized parties.

PACE+ uses the most advanced, customizable, and robust cloud platform in the healthcare sector to revolutionize patient care. We have continuously streamlined faster and more efficient online scheduling appointments, record patient information, and transparent billings.

Behavioral health, mental health, and social services providers can benefit from using PACE+, a cloud-based EHR and Practice Management Software.


WorkAware is a cloud-based platform that consolidates all your safety processes, workforce, operations, and document filing into one platform, all managed by one simple and accessible mobile app. Our intuitive mobile app and centrally located cloud database will simplify business procedures and make them easy to deploy.

Digitalizing your industry and opening new markets worldwide is now easier with the help of WorkAware’s suite of software solutions for businesses. Companies use this software to manage their whole safety program seamlessly and conveniently.


StrandUSA is a top-notch surveillance management software service that guarantees its businesses complete security and cutting-edge surveillance solutions. With StrandUSA, you can utilize our platform to ensure increased safety and security for people, products, and assets, assist in managing environmental challenges and optimize corporate procedures.

StrandUSA ensures to streamline top-of-the-line surveillance software for businesses. We prioritize collecting extensive customer information for every software license sold for most security and safety.


ZenaPay is a pioneer in providing cloud-based software payment solutions for businesses. We are experts in a platform for bitcoin payments, artificial intelligence, software solutions for managing businesses, supply chain, and compliance management, and software for auditing the government.

With the integration of intelligent methods, ZenaPay ensures the encryption of funds using artificial intelligence (AI) applications, such as payment apps and supply chain management systems.

We excel in combining separate business software packages into a single product suite compatible with a wide range of applications.


Zinergy is an industry-leading piece of web-based service desk software that enables you to deliver high-caliber help desk and customer support services to your clients. We ensure the delivery of service desk software that is simple to install, easy to operate, and flexible to be linked with other corporate programs.

With Zinergy, you can complete any service desk work because of its well-designed UI, and with an online help desk and customer service, Zinergy has more to offer than just a single option.

It is a collection of helpful web-based tools in one convenient bundle.


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