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Medical facilities encounter various issues managing patients’ records, clinical details, and medical practice management. Keeping data and documents organized and secured ensures better healthcare services.

ZenaTech provides top-of-the-line electronic health record (EHR) software for mental health and human services facilities. Our EHR solution integrates electronic health records with existing facility records to ensure a smooth workflow.

Our software solutions include integrated billing for easier transactions. The integrated workflow management system also provides a better experience for both patients and healthcare providers.


ZenaTech’s multi-industrial software solutions provide customizable classroom management solutions for teachers and educational staff. We include customer-specific features and functions to maximize student engagement and allow teachers to instruct more confidently.

ZenaTech’s software solutions also ensure that teachers can gauge student performance with the help of real-time analytics. Analytics of all website and application activities for education needs allows them to identify trends and adapt teaching strategies accordingly.


Automation, processing, and data storage are essential in the finance industry. Automating businesses rely on excellent software applications to streamline their daily operations.

To address this, ZenaTech provides top-of-the-line software solutions covering these functions, from payment to supply chain management. Our solutions are customized to ensure a smooth experience when managing financial transactions, records, and analyses.


Information management is critical in the legal industry. Every law firm needs a reliable system to manage the court calendar, accounting, and deadlines.

ZenaTech provides this dedicated customized software containing all the right features. These features include but are not limited to asset and personnel management, digital formats, and a document library.

On top of these features, ZenaTech takes a user-centric approach when designing custom software. We ensure ease of use for promptly completing tasks in any law firm.


Government offices regularly receive a high volume of calls from their citizens. Not only is it important to direct their concerns to the correct department, but also to address them.

Other government functions, such as auditing and compliance management, must be streamlined for efficiency. ZenaTech offers customizable software solutions to address these and more.

ZenaTech’s full suite is complete and fully customizable for governmental functions. We provide software for addressing high volumes of communications, on top of software for auditing and compliance management.


ZenaTech understands that different businesses have internal and external processes that greatly benefit from automation. Because of this, we provide various customizable software solutions for your business needs.

Whether it is inter-department communications, customer support, or data management, ZenaTech has the solutions to ensure that your operations go smoothly. We also assure that data is easily accessible for users within a highly secure network.

Private sectors

For the private sector, data management and process automation are critical. On top of this, businesses must also comply with legal requirements that vary depending on their state or country.

At ZenaTech, we ensure that every aspect of our business software solution is fully optimized, from payment solutions to customer information management and customer service. Businesses can manage and allocate essential company resources, with which personnel can efficiently perform work tasks.

All of this is possible thanks to ZenaTech’s extensive top-of-the-line suite of customizable enterprise software solutions. We streamline every part of your business to improve user and customer experience.


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