About Us

About Us

ZenaTech, Inc offers a wide range of customizable hardware and software solutions. We support various industries such as healthcare, education, finance, law, government, business, and other public and private sectors. As a multi-industrial system solution, ZenaTech specializes in different applications such as:

  • Call center customer communication software
  • Drone camera, flight stabilization, and surveillance system
  • Industrial safety, facility, data automation software.

Here at ZenaTech, Inc, we provide customer-specific solutions. We also tailor our software and hardware solutions to meet your industry’s demands. We create solutions that support and enhance organizational systems according to the company’s needs of various levels and volumes.

Our History

ZenaTech, Inc has supported and gained the trust of more than 500 large companies and corporations in Canada, the US, and the UK market. Catering to various industries, we continuously advance and enhance our software solutions to assist and meet different business structural use.

ZenaTech, Inc specializes in creating, developing, and innovating industry solutions. It covers different fields such as healthcare, education, finance, law, government, business, and private sectors. With continuous growth and advancement, we strive to offer comprehensive solutions that include cloud-based software for the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and digital transformation.

Our Strategy

ZenaTech, Inc is a multi-industrial solution that aids in improving and enhancing different sectors. In ZenaTech, the system solutions are designed and created following the structural requirements for its target market.

ZenaTech, Inc comprises software companies that specialize in supporting different essential solutions. Here are the following: 

  • ZenaDrone: specializes in multi-functional AI drones and providing drone-as-a-service industrial solutions.
  • Pace+: designed for medical records and medical billing management software.
  • SystemView: offered as a facility automation software solution for facilities and utility management.
  • WorkAware: works as industrial safety management software.
  • ZigVoice: functions for call center software, advancing customer communication system.
  • ZenaPay: enhanced payment solutions, supports supply chain, and operates with compliance management software.
  • StrandUSA: security recording and surveillance management software.
  • Zinergy: a cloud-based service desk software for customer service support.

ZenaTech’s software and hardware systems are tailor-made and customer-specific solutions. Here, we ensure a flexible and comprehensive aid for every industry.


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